Per Box Shipping

If you are just wishing to ship one or two boxes to the US, Australia or New Zealand, this is the service for you!

We can ship your personal belongings if you are moving or we can ship gifts to your family if the value is less than 36 UK Pounds. Our prices are all inclusive of all shipping costs, normal customs clearance, & delivery.

Your Per Box Shipping Questions Answered:

At the moment we only have UK, Australia and New Zealand covered.

40 lbs per box is the maximum limit as the courier won’t deliver more than 40lbs per box.

No you can’t use plastic containers or suitcases as the courier won’t deliver these, boxes only please.

All you have to do is get your boxes to our shipping terminal in the UK. You can mail, courier or drop them off to us. We then load them into our shipping containers and we clear your shipment through customs, unload the container and book the boxes with a local courier company to deliver to your door.

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